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Traveling Around the Country

Traveling Around the Country

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches and volcanos, so while we are here studying we decided to make the most of our free time by traveling around the country and visiting some of the more famous sights.


Yesterday we went to Volcán Poás, an active volcano located just a few hours away from our home city.  The large leafy plant in the foreground of the above photograph is called a “poor man’s umbrella,” which would have come in handy in the afternoon.  These gorgeous views disappeared quickly when the clouds came rolling in!


Needless to say, we stayed there longer than 20 minutes.


The National Park also has a short hike to Lake Bogos, which used to be the secondary crater of the volcano.  It is currently inactive, so the water is cold but very acidic.


 Our quick trip up the mountain made for a nice break from studying.  The views were simply spectacular and we hope to visit more volcanos before the semester comes to an end!


13 September 2015


Kathleen Prahlow